Waterproof-Sweatproof Athletic Vista 2 Earbuds by Jaybird

Wireless Headphones Are Not All The Same.

Everything you want from your bluetooth earbuds.

The VISTA 2 earbuds are essentially "Earthproof." In short, they provide something for everyone, no matter the scenario. Active Noise Cancellation for focus. SurroundSense for spatial awareness and safety. Earthproof durability for demanding pursuits. When adventure calls, Vista 2 is ready to answer.

Hear what you need to, when you need to. SurroundSense technology provides transparency between your earbuds and the world around you, allowing you to tune into your surroundings on the trail or road, so you’re always safe and aware of traffic and wildlife. When it’s time to focus, double-tap to ANC and cut out background noise at the gym, office, or airport. When adventure calls, Vista 2 answers. Wireless earbuds that never get in the way, slow down, or quit early. Better sound, longer lasting, easier to use, more durable & customizable than anything before, Vista 2 is the ultimate adventure-ready audio.

Create your dream EQ profile, tune into what the pros are listening to, and customize your audio just for you. Customizable buttons let you control volume, skip, rewind, or activate ANC and SurroundSense with the tap of a button. Keep track of your buds and case no matter where you roam with Find My Buds feature in the Jaybird App.


More about the Jaybird brand:

Our journey to creating the perfect sport headphones began with a need—a need to feel free. Whether your adventure takes you to the top of mountain peaks, cycling across town, or meandering through the city park, you deserve to feel unconstrained by your technology. We pioneered sport-focused headphones that are built for every athlete, and pack in pristine audio for pumping you up, cooling you down, or focusing in. Because your adventures are unpredictable, our buds are built with Earthproof durability that doesn’t waver when you break a sweat, get dirty, or drop your buds.  Simply put, our goal is to create headphones ready for any adventure.

To create audio ready for your biggest pursuits we have to keep our ear to the heartbeat of adventure and there’s no better way to do that than by listening to the pros. We tune into our team of athletes and adventurers to perfect our craft and create adventure-ready audio that never holds you back.

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