The New Motorbunny Buck is Guaranteed to Heat Up Your Holiday!

TRUST THE THRUST with Built-in LINK Technology

Meet Motorbunny BUCK, the world’s first and only hybrid saddle vibrator and thrusting sex machine. Showcasing the signature “all-the-way-to-11” vibration power of Motorbunny Original, Motorbunny BUCK replaces the “twirl” function with two separate thrusting motions. Like nothing you’ve ever seen, this intense machine delivers targeted, adjustable stimulation to deliver profound, multi-layered orgasmic experiences.

Everyone’s body is different, so the ingenious, patented design of Motorbunny BUCK allows two different styles of attachments and thrust motions. The Thrust Motion Toggles determine the thrust motion. “Thrust” moves straight up and down. “G-Thrust” moves up and forward. The “Thumper” attachment is straight and slightly ridged, and the “Sweet Spot” attachment is angled forward and smooth. Whichever motion and attachment you choose, you’re in for the ride of a lifetime!

Motorbunny LINK technology gives you tons of preprogrammed “Buzz” and “Thrust” routines to explore, and it also lets you share control of your BUCK wirelessly in the room or from across the world. Just two taps and you’ve got a secure, private link to share with your partner via text!


So what is a thrusting machine you might ask? When sex becomes a chore, we may try spicing things up by trying new positions, locations, or maybe even a new partner. What if other possibilities areleft to explore to get you out of your rut? A thrusting sex machine is an exciting option that can enhance your lovemaking or masturbation. Thrusters are motorized, powered sex toys that can fulfill your needs for deep penetration. If you are in the mood for consistent, rhythmic thrusting, itis time to add a thrusting sex machine to your collection. Thrusting fuck machines have attachments that simulate a penis, vagina, or finger. Thrusters twirl, vibrate, rotate, move up and down, and thrust.

Before investing in a thrusting automatic sex machine, you should familiarize yourself with a few key details. First, think about how fast you would like the new dildo to thrust. Will its thrust satisfy you and your partner? If your new thrusting machine is not powerful enough, there is a chance it may stall as your muscles contract around the dildo. Carefully selecting a fuck machine that can keep up is important. Next, how big and long does your new thruster need to be? It is important to select attachments that can be used comfortably while still fulfilling your desires. Lastly, consider your budget. Some thrusters may be purchased for $50 or less, while premium thrusting dildos may be a larger investment.

Automatic sex machines rose in popularity through adult films. The machine includes a penis-like attachment that thrusts in and out at varying speeds. Select automatic sex machines may also include a vagina-like attachment, into which a penis may be inserted, simulating the sensation of vaginal intercourse. Automatic sex machines include a frame, saddle, box or stand. During use, the user can use the toy in the doggy position, on their back, or may mount the machine and ride cowgirl style.

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Tech Specs:

  • VIBRATION MOTOR - 0.08 HP - 7000 Vibrations Per Minute
  • THRUST MOTOR - 0.04
  • HP DURABILITY - 2 people - up to 1000 lbs.
  • WEIGHT - 17.8 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS - 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L
  • POWER SUPPLY - A/C Adaptor and Cable Input: 100-240V ~2.2A Output: 36V/3.5A DC Length: 12 feet
  • SAFETY CERTIFICATIONS - CE and RoHS Safety Certifications PATENT - #10500126 B2//scifi3d.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#

About Motorbunny:

Our mission is to empower personal sexual fulfillment by reducing the financial risks of experimentation. We believe sex should be fun! (No brainer...right?) We also believe awesome sex should be accessible to everyone. We make amazing sex toys with these two tenets in mind. So many manufacturers of sex toys describe themselves in terms of “luxury,” and “exclusivity.” It’s “wham, bam and bye.” This misses the shift in culture and economics that has changed people’s expectations of brands. Customers want quality at a fair price from someone they can talk to. We already have a sizable investment in Motorbunny's mission through research, design, prototype manufacture, tooling and supply. Now it's up to you...Hop On!


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