Is Terrifier 3 the Christmas Flick We Never Knew We Wanted?

Art terrifies his way back this Fall

Will the latest sequel live up to the blood and guts fans have come to expect this holiday?

The Terrifier franchise has been one of the most successful horror franchises in recent years, with the release of the first movie in 2016 and the sequel in 2022. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the next installment, and recently, a teaser trailer for Terrifier 3 was released, sending fans into an uncontrollable blood lust.

Not much about this third entry is known at this time. Outside of the fact that Art will be ditching his normal Halloween presence and will be wreaking havoc at Christmas this time around. What new terrible can of worms could this possibly add to the franchise? Will Art the Clown face off against Santa this time around? This would be an amazing Christmas gift to horror fans around the world.

The Success of Terrifier and Terrifier 2 have cemented Art the Clown as a modern horror icon, but the franchise has faced some backlash for its gratuitous use of violence and gore. Even die hard horror fans have rejected the franchise for being too far over the top while also lacking any kind of structured storyline or character arcs.

They never found the body... what if he decides to come back here? - Jonathan Shaw (Terrifier 2)

While others state that this use of comedy and bloodshed has pumped new life into the dying subgenre of the slasher. Art the Clown is not your grandfather’s slasher. He utilizes a level of violence and depravity that isn’t rivaled by the likes of Jason or Freddy. Polarizing as it may be, it can not be argued that the Terrifier franchise hasn’t been extremely successful. Both streaming and theater audiences just can’t seem to get enough of this killer mime and his hijinks.

Because of this divide in fandom and its ample use of blood and gore, Terrifier 3 has faced difficulties in securing funding. Many traditional investors are hesitant to support a project that may be deemed too extreme or controversial for mainstream audiences. The explicit content presents a challenge when it comes to finding financial backers who are willing to take on the associated risks. Fans have shown up to support the project in the past, but it is always possible this entry will push the envelope just a hair too far.

Even marketing has become an issue for this successful franchise. It is impossible to detail a plot in the trailer since there often isn’t one, but they also cannot show the blood and gore that makes the franchise so iconic. This is an essential thing that keeps the imagery away from those who wouldn’t wish to see it but deeply hamstrings the movie’s ability to be advertised.

Luckily, the fan base for the Terrifier franchise does most of the legwork for the film. Between social media campaigns and word of mouth, news about the Terrifier franchise travels far and wide whenever there is a new update.

All of this creates a unique dilemma for the creator of the Terrifier franchise, Damien Leone. If he cuts back on the gore to appease Hollywood studios, he will run the risk of letting down his fans and possibly ruining the franchise. Alternatively, if he runs full bore with the blood and guts, he runs the risk of isolating his projects and limiting his audience.

The Terrifier Franchise has been wildly successful, given its indie grassroots origins, and there is no doubt that fans will likely be pleased with whatever the third entry ends up being. But the problems that plague the franchise are unlikely to diminish anytime soon. Will Damien Leone back off the gore to secure future funding, or will he keep his artistic vision whole and give fans buckets of blood and gore? Either way, I really hope Art the Clown faces off against Santa sometime in the future.

Cameron McFarland | Contributing Writer

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