WWE 2K24 Finishes the Story as One of the Best Ever

Release Date: March 8th, 2024

The Review


The real story here is that 2K's WWE games only get better each and every year!


2K once again lays the smackdown on the gaming world!

If you're a wrestling fan, it simply doesn't get any better than grabbing the latest iteration of WWE 2K at launch. Whether you are an old school addict of wrestling from yesteryear, or someone who keeps up with the current product each and every week, this series is like Christmas morning arriving under the tree. The 2024 edition is no exception, with a jam-packed title full of content, both available on day-one, as well as a far-reaching DLC window (that will continue to feed even the most ravenous of wrestling marks).

So what new ground can we cover this year, that we didn't already touch on during our review of WWE 2K23? If you're familiar with the series, you know not to expect a completely new, revamped experience. And as far as we're concerned, that's a great thing! One of our biggest pet peeves in an established franchise is when major game mechanics are completely revamped for no good reason. We hate it when it feels like you're starting over, having to relearn the ins and outs of what should already be a very familiar world. Luckily, 2K knows their formula very well at this point, and have adopted an "If it ain't broke...don't fix it" mentality.

I put it up there as the highest of highs in terms of its significance - Cody Rhodes, on being this year's 2K cover star

If you've played past releases in the WWE 2K series, you're going to feel right at home immediately. The move sets are intuitive and stick to a similar layout as they've appeared in the past, with only minor tweaks and additions here and there. And fortunately for us fans, they are integrated in a way that seamlessly flow with what we have been working with for several years.

The mini games that pop up randomly during key moments of the match don't feel out of place, and are a nice change of pace from the traditional move sets. We even found simple things like being able to use the up-analog stick (to kick out of a pin attempt) mirrors a more true-to-life movement of how a wrestler would behave. Couple that with the ability to customize not only your created wrestler's move set, but the existing arsenal of the current roster, we've never felt more in control or had more fun smashing our opponent's heads into the turnbuckle.

Speaking of the creative element, we simply can't say enough about what is honestly the most in-depth and robust creation suite of any video game we've ever played. Continuing a long-standing tradition, 2K has once again given us unprecedented access to creation options that will allow even the most imaginative fan to create virtually any character they can possibly dream up.

Whether it's a wrestler not currently on the roster, a carbon copy version of themselves or even characters from other games/movies, this remains one of the key reasons we have to play this game each and every year. The hours upon hours that can be spent here, is truly a sandbox that is one of the most fun and impressive reasons to pick this title up at launch.

Of course, a game can't simply rely on a great CAW mode alone. Once you've finished creating your character, you need something to do with them. Fortunately, the game modes in this title are as endless as the create suite. Returning are the simple one-on-one exhibitions and every variety of match type you can think of (we particularly love the ambulance match), including a ton of fun arenas to choose from. You will have to unlock many of the WrestleMania locations by playing the Showcase Mode first, but we didn't mind. That little trip down memory lane never gets old to us! However, you're going to want to take your created wrestler on a ride to see how their wrestling career could pan out in the MyRise Mode. With two branching story lines, and lots of "what if" possibilities, the replay value is extremely high.

For those looking for more of the fantasy football take, you also have both Universe and GM modes that will scratch the itch for learning the ins and outs of real-life wrestling booking and creating the TV shows you see each and every week. Perks, trades and power cards are your greatest tools here, not dissimilar to what you would find in a game like Madden. So no matter what you prefer, you can play this game on your terms and enjoy it exactly how you like.

With the next gen consoles being what they are, it's important that a game utilizes all of that additional horsepower to really present an experience that mirrors what we see on things like the WWE Network. The presentation here is nothing short of stellar, which we've come to expect from 2K. The graphics are about as photorealistic as the current gen can muster, which is to say it's pretty damn close.

We particularly loved how the lighting setup changed from classic-era WWF television in the '80s and ‘90s, to the more current product that you see in WWE HD. Those added touches make the distinction and transport you into those moments. The sound is also no slouch, with top-notch commentary (that doesn't seem as canned or pre-recorded, as has been the case in the past). They've definitely learned to overcome the limitations and harness the power of gaming in 2024 to provide an experience that feels more alive. But if we're being honest...we do miss Good 'Ole JR sometimes!

With WrestleMania 40 right around the corner, this game drops at an absolute perfect time. It offers you the opportunity to help ensure cover star Cody Rhodes finishes his story! But for us, the real story here is that WWE's wrestling games only get better each and every year, and they are in the absolute best hands with 2K.

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