Own a Freddy Krueger Baby Made By An Actual Nightmare on Elm Street Effects Artist

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

What could be more hideous and grotesque than the sight of a full-grown, horribly burned Freddy Krueger? Why a Freddy Krueger newborn baby of course.

Like many ’80s horror slasher franchises, A Nightmare on Elm Street ran the gamut of multiple sequels ranking from awesome to not-so-great. Not that we would call any of them bad, but A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 certainly isn’t at the top of most people’s best-of list. But that’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of great things to come out of the fifth sequel (dubbed The Dream Child). Namely some great work by special effects makeup artist and Hollywood legend David Miller. He’s worked on countless big-budget productions, including being responsible for the original makeup design they applied to Robert Englund in the first Nightmare film. In part 5, Freddy is momentarily reborn as a small Freddy baby. No, that’s not a typo or a weird fever dream, that’s an actual plot point. Nevertheless, the artistry that goes into these types of things still can’t be overstated. And to commemorate the film, you can actually own a one-to-one scale replica model taken from the original production cast that was used on screen by David Miller himself. This, as well as other props and masks, can be found on his eBay store located at David Miller Creations. It’s your chance to own a real piece of Hollywood history, made by someone who was there!

Christian Hanna Horror is a HUGE Nightmare on Elm Street fan, and was one of the first YouTubers we saw to pick up this replica. Be sure to check out his video above, and subscribe to his channel.

IT’S A BOY!!! – Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

David Miller on working with Robert Englund (from his interview): I did two test heads, based on Englund’s life cast I particularly liked the first one, which featured white, translucent skin, through which you could see the musculature of his face-unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of that one. But Wes wanted something deeper—and to go deeper with that design I would have had to expose his teeth, which you just can’t do with a live actor. So I did a second test head, which Wes approved.  Englund was absolutely great. Not only is he a good actor. you can see him with his real face as Willy, one of the good aliens in the TV series V—but he never, never had a word of complaint, and he went through the mill. I’ve never had a better makeup subject. He’d go through a makeup session, two and a half hours, and sometimes have to stand by for six hours in makeup, just in case he was needed. He was just great.

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