A List of the BEST Scary Movies (Your Kids Can Watch)

Time to Scare the Kiddies

Turn the lights down low, pop some popcorn and grab your kid's favorite stuffed animal...because they're gonna need it!

Believe it or not, some of the best scary movies of all time can be seen and enjoyed by your kids! It's never really too early to begin introducing to the mad, macabre world of horror, if you do it carefully. Check out our list of the best horror movies even young children can enjoy. Also learn which famous series they should avoid at ALL costs! Afterwards, turn the lights back on (so the creature hiding under the bed doesn't get you) and head over to Sci-Fi 3D on YouTube and be sure to subscribe.

If you're a horror movie parent, here are a few key horror movie picks from the '80s/'90s you can sit down and watch as a family.

Check out a few of these clips from several of the films listed in our video. If you'd like to test the waters and start out by showing these to your kids first (just to get a feel for which they might like to jump into), check them out below!

Jason Messer | Editor-in-Chief

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