How to Make Cheap Halloween Masks Look Expensive

Macabre Mask Makeovers

Is it possible to walk into a Dollar Store and pick up a mask for a few bucks, then turn it into a premium-quality mask? Nightmare Toys teaches you how.

We’ve all been there. You’re a kid who just wants to look cool for Halloween. But you’re working mom or dad, who’s on a budget, decides that your cheap $5 spooky skeleton mask is perfectly fine. Meanwhile, the neighborhood kids are rocking out premium-level Michael Myers, Jason and full head to toe Freddy Krueger ensembles. And I’m talking hat, sweater and glove! Times still haven’t changed that much. Money can get tight and there’s no reason to spend more if you don’t need to. If you have a little bit of artistic skill and some extra garage space, Nightmare Toys will teach you exactly what you need to know in order to upgrade your less than perfect Halloween masks on the cheap. In their “Mask Monday” segments, they tackle upgrading a low-quality Michael Myers mask into a seriously awesome and almost screen-accurate version. They also give tips on how to improve other masks as well, including shaping, styling and painting those extra little touches that would normally carry a heftier price tag. Nightmare Toys also is a great source for tons of awesome horror collectibles and merch. Check out their shop today, and their socials like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Be sure to follow Shelley Moth, artist and host of Mask Mondays | @moths_masks

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