Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Remake is Nearly Upon Us

Nintendo has proven once again to be the king of nostalgia.

Mario Day is a beloved celebration in the world of video games. Each year, the company celebrates everything Mario and the audience that has supported the franchise for generations. Scheduled for March 10th, or Mar10, Nintendo uses this time to announce any new Mario games in the works.

This year, fans were delighted to learn that the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD game would finally be receiving a release date. It looks as though gamers will get access to this beloved classic on June 27th, 2024. Since the release is just over the horizon, now would be a good time to cover everything we have learned about the release so far.

First released on 3Ds as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in 2013, this reboot will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.  The game can be pre-ordered on the Nintendo Store for $59.99. As of right now, there are no additional versions of the game besides the standard edition. Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Remake will follow the same story as the original game. However, the multiplayer mode will feature several new mini-games such as Hunter, Rush, and ScareScraper.

For the most part, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Remake will be exactly the same as we remember it. The exception being the complete overhaul of the in game graphics. This makes sense as a game designed for a small handheld screen likely wouldn’t perform well on a television. However, this is one area that Nintendo truly excels at.

Time for some mansion mayhem! - Nintendo Direct

Unlike some other publishers, Nintendo always has its hand on the pulse of the gaming community. Sure, many of the games they release are reboots of classic games or new games with old characters but that’s what many Nintendo fans want. And no company does it better than Nintendo.

When some reboots are announced, fans get anxious that the publisher is going to ruin a game that defined their childhood. That is never a problem with Nintendo, they always manage to improve the game without taking away from the thing that made it special in the first place. In a world of remakes and reboots, Nintendo manages to never disappoint its customer base.

This is primarily because Nintendo remakes never feel like a cash grab. Reboots often suffer from nostalgia exploitation. A practice where companies take a beloved title and release a subpar version to cash in on its legacy. While Nintendo releases a lot of reboots, it never feels as though the company is exploiting its fan base's nostalgia for its classic characters.

It would be easy enough to do, Mario and Luigi have become household names across the world. However, Nintendo seems to respect the legacy they have built and the cherished memories of their fan base. Even after the disaster of the 1993 Super Mario Bros film, Nintendo learned from their mistake and refused licensing of their titles up until very recently.

This isn’t to say the company hasn’t made mistakes, they have. However, in the modern gaming world, it is refreshing to see a company that respects its audience and the generations of content they have built. With Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Remake almost here, it’s a great time to bask in the warm memories of everything Nintendo has provided us throughout the years. Let’s just hope that they can keep it up for another 50 years.

Cameron McFarland | Contributing Writer

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