The Ultimate Ranking of Every X-Men Movie EVER

All From 2000-2019

X-Men movies have had some high-highs and some low-lows (and we're not talkin' about the apple bottom jeans or the boots with the fur either). But we'll walk you through what we feel is objectively the very best rankings of every X-Men film to date.

Back when Dark Phoenix was getting hammered at the box office (and in the court of public opinion), we we're still staying optimistic and reserving judgment. And while in the end it didn't blow us away as a cinematic masterpiece, was it really the worst X-men movie ever made? Before Marvel steps in to sweep up the pieces with their new films that are no doubt on the horizon (after the 20th Century Fox buy-out last year), let's take a look back at the ultimate rankings of every original X-men movie ever made (excluding The New Mutants)! After that, it won't take any super powers or mutant abilities to head over to Sci-Fi 3D on YouTube and give that subscribe button a little click!

Mutant And Proud. - Mystique, X-Men: First Class (2011)

X-Men synopsis (from Fandom): The group that came to be known as the "X-Men" was founded in 1962 by a young Charles Xavier and Raven Darkholme, working in conjunction with a secret department of the government called Division X. The X-Men's first mission involved stopping Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club. Xavier then brought in Erik Lehnsherr to help lead the team, which also consisted of Havok, Darwin, Beast and Banshee. The team came into conflict with another group of mutants called the Hellfire Club, who were vying for world domination. Following this, Erik and Charles' views regarding the path of the emerging mutant race diverged resulting in the end of their friendship. Erik - now going by the name "Magneto", and Darkholme - now going by the name "Mystique", left the X-Men to form the Brotherhood of Mutants. The group was then disbanded before being reestablished sometime prior to the 21st century.

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