Super Comic II: Turbo Preview

RetroPie | EmulationStation (COMING SOON)

Leaping from the pages of a digital comic book, it's time we look at our retro game collections a little differently!

Super Comic II: Turbo is an EmulationStation theme intended to provide a seamless retro gaming experience, spanning a variety of classic consoles (all running off of a small, yet powerful Raspberry Pi motherboard). Harnessing the recent hardware advancements of the RetroPie, combined with the customization and flexibility of EmulationStation, gamers will finally have the ability to enjoy every console they remember from their youth, without the limitations often faced by certain themes lacking features or presentation. What started out as a labor of love, quickly became an attempt to provide an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop setup for every possible scenario a retro gamer may face when trying to emulate their favorite titles. With a wide variety of box art and formats over the years, it's virtually impossible to find one theme that can seamlessly display all these in a presentable and visually appealing way.

That is...until now!

After years of experimentation and design on various other themes and front-ends, Super Comic II: Turbo intends to be your first and last solution for all your emulation needs. Whether you have a complete collection of media for your entire ROM collection, or prefer a simple file system approach in the menu, Super Comic II: Turbo attempts to cater to every type of old-school gamer. Check out the complete list of features below, as well as instructional videos and tutorials, coming at some point in the future. Be sure to check back on this page often, where you'll find development updates and release date info. And as always, everything Sci-Fi 3D offers will be free for the community to download!

Expected Release Date: 2024-2025 for RetroPie and EmulationStation

Super Comic II: Turbo features include: Custom console menus for Atari 2600, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X, Game Boy, Game Gear, Virtual Boy, N64, Saturn, PlayStation and MAME (Arcade). That includes videos, screenshots, file select only (IE: no art menus), box art (including landscape, portrait and square layouts), screen savers for each system (with audio), custom menu select sounds, special "Marvel" style splash screen and much more!

Special thanks to Kevin Thueringer (@TMNTturtlguy), whose pre-existing EmulationStation theme provided the initial basis for this project. Without his cooperation, this upgrade would not have been possible.

Jason Messer | Editor-in-Chief

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