Friday the 13th Monopoly

A Custom F13 Game By Fans, For Fans

A bloody twist on a classic board game comes to Camp Crystal Lake. Game night will never be the same...

I can still remember the first time I played Monopoly as a kid in the '80s. And no matter how much technology has improved and given us more gadgets and gizmos to tinker with, I'm always still up for a game on the dusty old board. That feel of real dice in my hand at 2:00 AM, while I lose all my property to my relatives and try to resist the urge to flip the board. Yet, I still keep coming back for more (much like another Jason I know and love). After realizing there weren't really any good Friday the 13th games out there, I decided to come up with my own. Using the traditional Monopoly layout as my base (considering there are literally hundreds of other versions already floating around), I decided to incorporate as much of the Friday lore as possible. When finished, the rules will be a combination of traditional Monopoly gameplay, with a special game-type variant. This will involve custom "VHS Cards" that replaces the familiar Chance and Community Chest, as well as a Jason figure that stalks players around the board in real-time (with the help of a special set of F13 dice). 

Expected Release Date: Sometime in 2024-2025

Since this is intended as a fan project and isn't licensed, I won't be able to provide any official copies for sale. When finished, I plan to make all the elements freely available to download, so folks can assemble their own versions to play at home with friends and family. After all, this was the game of choice of the counselors at Crytal Lake in the original flick. So why not keep the tradition alive! I also hope to playtest things with the community, tweak the gameplay and get feedback on how to make it more enjoyable. Ultimately, it's intended to be a tribute to both old-school game nights and the Friday series. More info will be shared as the project progresses, so continue to check back here and our social media for updates.

Jason Messer | Editor-in-Chief

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