Ocarina of Time in Unreal is Unreal

This Engine is Powering a Dream

Some classics only get better with time. This one has a little help, and it shows. Man does it show!

In the age of next-gen consoles, slapping a new set of textures on an older game and rollin’ it out the door is quite common. Every once in a while, a fan project comes along, that makes you wish the big three (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) were behind. Then there is the Ocarina of Time gameplay preview created in Unreal Engine 4. This f#$kin’ thing is so unbelievable, it makes our heart hurt. Because it’s one of those amazing pieces of art that we know simply is too good to be true. And it is. Around 2015, we got our first glimpse by designer Yianni Papazis, who posted the tour of Kakariko Village. After a five year gap, he came back around with another upload, this time of Castle Town and the Temple of Time. It was, as you’d imagine, equally awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, after several behind the scenes videos showcasing some of the incredible artistry and hard work/dedication that went into the project, it seems that’s about as far as things are going to go. It’s out of the question that one person could remake the entire Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time world from start to finish in Unreal, as a mod like that would take years to complete. But Papazis has stated he’s open to other people taking over the project at some point, so perhaps we’ll see something more come from this absolutely epic trip down memory lane. Hey, we can play Zelda’s Lullaby and dream right?

…it’s one of those amazing pieces of art that we know simply is too good to be true.

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