Did The Flash Speed His Way Into Our Hearts?

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The Review


So many feels for us old-school DC movie fans. Keaton was right…things get nuts.

  • Yes, Keaton kicks major ass (literally). Forget Batman Beyond, they could still do a whole new trilogy with just him.
  • If you liked Marvel’s Multiverse of Madness, you’ll freakin’ LOVE this movie (for similar reasons). 
  • #babyshower
  • Ezra Miller is loveable, he may have saved his career with this performance.
  • The double-Flash suit thing happens, but not as you’d expect.
  • Believe it or not, there is nudity in the film. So not 100% kid-friendly (but it’s funny, so not a huge deal).
  • Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is the Doc Brown of this film.
  • Speaking of Back to the Future, Eric Stoltz will be trending on social media opening weekend.
  • This isn’t a Flash Movie, it’s Justice League 2.
  • They threw everything and the kitchen sink into this flick (but it does feel like the end of something).
  • Henry Cavill’s absence is noticeable (we can thank The Rock for that).
  • There is a post-credit scene, but it’s no big deal. You can skip it.
  • See this opening weekend, or you will be spoiled (and there are TONS of surprises).
  • Seeing Keaton’s Batman run around the artic and then the desert was kinda weird. He’s much more at home in Burton’s gothic setting.
  • This is the third time we’ve seen the General Zod invasion scene. But this one is a whole new take.
  • So many feels for us old-school DC movie fans. Keaton was right…things get nuts.
  • They finally figured out how to make fun DCU movies…and now it’s too late. The James Gunn era begins…

Sci-Fi 3D attended a special early press screening of The Flash. The movie opens in theaters on June 16th, 2023.

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