So You Want to Livestream…But Where to Start?

Stream elements for every major platform!

So You Want to Livestream…But Where to Start?

Add-ons for beginners and pro streamers with Nerd or Die!

Live streaming has been a profitable outlet for people for quite a while now. But it’s not as simple as creating a YouTube or Twitch channel and letting the world know what you think of the latest entry into the world of Mortal Kombat. You need a touch of professionalism and style. That’s where the good people at Nerd or Die come in.

This company helps take your average stream and bump the production value up to an eleven. Nerd or Die creates widgets, alerts, and overlays for everything from Twitch streams to YouTube videos, and even Kick. The end goal of this is to have happier viewers and increase your view count.

If any of this sounds confusing to you, don’t worry, Nerd or Die makes the entire process amazingly simple. If you are just starting out, they offer a variety of stream packs ranging from $10 to $30. These packs are the perfect thing to set you apart from the competition. They include widgets, alerts, and custom fields that allow you to change the vibes of your channel until your heart’s content.

Nerd or Die makes my streaming life so much easier - prOphie (eSports Pro)

There are forty different packs that you can choose from, so variety won’t be an issue. Retro gamers may be interested in the Synth Wave stream pack, or you go for a more arcade gaming feel and jump on the Sticker Bomb stream pack. Either way, these packs will definitely give your stream that little bit of oomph that it may need to get those extra subscribers.

But let’s say you already have some overlays set up and you just want to add a couple of things here and there. Nerd or Die has you covered. They offer the option to just buy individual sets of chat boxes, alerts, profile panels, overlays, goals, and transitions. You can mix and max these features until your heart’s content.

If you are weary of trying a new company to fit your streaming needs, Nerd or Die even offers an array of free assets for streamers to grab with no strings attached. Who doesn’t like free things? This act of generosity just goes to show how committed Nerd or Die is to the streaming community.

Not only does Nerd or Die offer all of these amazing add-ons for your content creation platform, but they also have an entire section of the site dedicated to showing you how to best utilize all these add-ons to maximize engagement. My favorite edition of this is the “8 ways to Get Your Live Stream Halloween Ready” article that they provide. This article gives a complete rundown of how to set up your stream for spooky season, they even include a YouTube video giving you a detailed look at the best ways to go about it.

Nerd or Die also keeps you completely up to date on industry news and resources. This way you will never feel like you are falling behind on the industry trends. If you are completely new to the wonderful world of content creation, they also offer how to guides to stream on major platforms like Kick or Twitch.

Hopefully, all of this information makes it clear to see that Nerd or Die is the one stop shop for all of your content creation needs. Regardless of your skill level or industry knowledge, Nerd or Die has everything you need to take your stream to the next level and bump up that viewer count.

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