Forza Motorsport Marks New Beginning for Legendary Racer

Get ready to hit the racetrack

Out-build the competition!

Out-build the competition using more than 800 performance upgrades in the all-new, fun and rewarding single-player experience, the Builders Cup Career Mode. Race alongside your friends in adjudicated multiplayer* events with tire and fuel strategy, a race weekend inspired structure and new driver and safety ratings.

Compete with cutting edge AI opponents, advanced physics, powerful assists, new damage and dirt systems and photorealistic visuals with real-time ray tracing on-track.

Immerse yourself in over 500 real cars across 20 world-famous tracks, including fan favorite locations and multiple track layouts, each featuring fully dynamic time-of-day with weather and unique driving conditions.

Available October 10, 2023 for Console and PC

Cameron McFarland | Contributing Writer

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