Celebrate 15 Terrifying Years of ScareFest in Lexington This Weekend!

New favorites and horror classics come together at this year’s event

Celebrate 15 Terrifying Years of ScareFest in Lexington This Weekend!

Let your most horrific dreams come true this weekend at The Central Bank Center in Lexington, Kentucky

Do you have a deep love for all things disturbing and grotesque? If so, you need to head to Lexington Kentucky this weekend for ScareFest’s annual horror convention. Or, as they like to put it, experience the sinister of ComiCon. This event is every horror lover’s dream come true wrapped up into an event filled weekend.

ScareFest has really outdone itself this time around. Not only are there the prolific celebrity photo ops that genre fans have come to expect from these events. But there will also be classroom events, celebrity speakers and panels, a film festival, and a tattoo expo. What more could a horror fan even ask for?

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This event will feature over 80 horror celebrities across its weekend run time. These celebrities range from classic horror favorites to rising stars in the industry, to the effects artists that make the whole genre possible.

Photo Opportunities

This buffet of talent includes Tyler Labine (Tucker and Dale vs Evil), Tom Savini (Creepshow), Nick Castle (Halloween Ends), Lauren Lavera (Terrifier 2), Kane Hodder (Jason X), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), David Howard Thornton (Terrifier), and Bill Moseley (The Devils Rejects).

Guest Panels

If you want to get a little inside information about your favorite horror flick, ScareFest is hosting several panels throughout its weekend. These events will be located on level 2, in rooms 3&4. They will feature some of the most iconic artists in the horror genre discussing their time in the industry.

ScareFest will feature 15 of these panels beginning at 5 PM on Friday the 20th and ending at 3 PM on Sunday the 22nd. This event will span across generations of horror fandom. Classics such as Sleepaway Camp and Creepshow will be featured on the same stage as modern hits such as Terrifier.

If themes are more your thing, ScareFest has you covered on that as well. There will be a Final Girl’s Reunion panel with guests such as Amy Steele and Kimberly Black. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Killer Conversation panel will feature our favorite bad guys like Kane Hodder and Doug Bradley. Lastly, the Director’s Cut panel will focus on how the films are actually made featuring the talent of people such as Tom Savini and Damien Leone.

Film Festival

What would a horror convention be without an awesome film festival for fans to indulge in? ScareFest is featuring 29 films for fans to sink their teeth into this year. These films range from fifteen minutes to two hours in length. Some films will even feature a Q&A will the producer, director, cast, and crew.

These films will cover every kind of horror film you can think of. We have a dramatic horror film where a man is hunted by post apocalyptic bird creatures. A more comedic telling of a man slowly being turned into a carrot. And most importantly of all a film that has Joe Bob Briggs (The Last Drive In) dealing with some cryptids. These films will be showcased all weekend long so make sure to clear some time to go enjoy some new horror films.


If you are a lifelong learner, make sure to head down to level 2 in room 5 to check out the class sessions that are being hosted this year. There will be two events on Friday and Saturday with one event Sunday to round out the weekend.

The classes Friday will cover beginner lessons on how to make prosthetic makeup as well as how to make some spookie cookie decorations. Saturday guests will learn some advanced prosthetic makeup and how to create a face cast for cosplay or special effects. The last day is reserved for all the little monsters out there. This class will teach the younger audience how to start using and creating practical effects.

Ticket Information

Tickets for this event can be found here. The VIP packages have already sold out but fans can still access standard tickets for each day individually or try to grab one of the few remaining weekend passes. Children under the age of two are granted free entry into the conference.

The event will be held at 430 W Vine Street in Lexington, Kentucky. Parking will be available at the High Street Lot of Rupp Arena as well as the Central Bank Center.

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