ROCCAT Brings You the Most Dominant Gaming Combo of 2023

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This is THE definitive (and may we add gorgeous) setup any live streamer, Youtuber, or Twitch champion needs for their desktop.

While no amount of advanced DPI settings or ergonomics is going to beat good ole' fashion practice, having a setup at your command like this certainly isn't going to hurt any! In fact, it's a proven fact that the feng shui of a desktop or office can significantly improve performance. That's why we're bringing you ROCCAT's absolute best possible hardware combo, which will immerse you in your gaming world, allowing you to take names, reload...and do it all over and over again!

First up is what could be the sleekest, sickest, and sweetest keyboard we've ever laid our eyes (and fingertips on). The Vulcan II Max. Designed with Titan Switch Technology (man do these guys know how to name things), this keyboard is optimized for performance and precision enabling instantaneous actuation and with no debounce delay. And you won't wear this bad boy out any time soon, as it boasts a 100 million keypress life cycle (double that of traditional keys).

All ROCCAT's products shown here feature the amazingly beautiful and vivid AIMO illumination system!

Now, we gotta get a mouse into your hands that will both compliment your new beast of a keyboard, and also allow you to perform at the level worthy of your 100k subscriber count. Enter the Kone XP Air. This multi-button, 4D mouse will allow you to click through the competition with ease. And, it won't fail you in those close-quarter firefights either. It supports a 100-hour battery life, and includes an amazingly simple yet effective charging dock that makes you wonder why their competitors didn't think of it first!

So, let's review. We've got the workhorses of your point n' click setup covered, now we need to hear our enemies coming in immersive 3D audio. The Syn Max Air Wireless headset is perfect to get the job done. With its built-in mic (naturally) and ergonomic ear cups (designed for unparalleled comfort), you'll hear your enemies' footsteps coming a mile away. Mostly attributed to the advantage of having a built-in super human hearing boost, a nifty piece of tech borrowed from its Turtle Beach brethren.

Last but not least, we need to tie all this epic glory together. Why not lay it all out on the spacious Sense AIMO XXL mouse pad. And while it does come in a smaller layout (for those with less desktop space than others), all of the ROCCAT lines feature their patented Amio lighting system. Which creates transcendent waves of colors in a variety of styles, that will sync together with all (yes we said ALL) your devices in the series. This means, while your enemies' mouths are gaped open by how amazingly cool your setup looks...BOOM! Free headshot. And who doesn't like those?

All these products will be featured in our upcoming Christmas Shopping Guide, right here on Sci-Fi 3D (launching soon). Be sure to check back here for more great products from ROCCAT, as well as their official website to purchase all the epic gear show here.


Founded in 2007, ROCCAT® designs stunning PC peripherals engineered to give gamers the ultimate competitive advantage. Led by former esports pro and founder Rene Korte, ROCCAT has become a pioneering PC gaming accessories manufacturer featuring a portfolio packed with technologically advanced and visually stimulating products. In 2019, ROCCAT was acquired by Turtle Beach and became the company's official PC gaming accessories brand.

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