How One Man Creates Art From Classic Consoles

The Bob Ross of Old-School

We're not saying this guy is using the Power Glove to create these customs...but we're not NOT saying it either.

Just like most men of a certain age, I have a soft spot in my heart for those overly small NES game pads and the yellowing plastic shells that our Nintendo's have all turned into at this point. But one man is fighting back against the sands of time, with nothing more than a piece of sandpaper and some hot rod paint! Known simply as the Custom Nes Guy (to the point, huh?), he has been doing these awesome paint jobs for a variety of classic console for years now. In short, his work is truly astonishing. Utilizing a high-quality clear coat (the same found in many automobile showrooms), he's turning much of what we remember from days past into modern-day pieces of art. From custom TMNT and Friday the 13th systems/controllers, to sound mods that will play you into a nostalgic stupor, these are a must-own for collectors or casual fans alike. No doubt, you're going to want to order something from him as a gift to yourself or that special someone who grew up in the '80s and '90s. Impressive to say the least, it just goes to show what a little creativity and elbow grease in a workshop can garner!

Be sure to subscribe to customnesguy on YouTube, or contact him via email at [email protected]

Note from customnesguy: Custom consoles galore! I take order requests. Please visit my Youtube page and subscribe! Thanks for all the support! I can paint/mod any console, cart, handheld, portable, PC, laptop, and many more! Using only high quality automotive basecoat/clearcoat system, my work is unmatched in terms of shine, durability, and quality of work. I can get any color you want, and I also sell custom overlays for NES controllers. I can make overlays in any design you want whether it be game themed, sports themed, company website, your YouTube channel, anything!! Message me if interested! Thanks for looking!

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