Friday the 13th: The Game Delisted, Definitive Edition Also Gone?

Hell, Hell, Hell, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

Friday the 13th: The Game Delisted, Definitive Edition Also Gone?


Just remember, even in video game form...he's down there...waiting.

For fans of the Friday the 13th: The Game (that were heart broken over how the final few years of the game played out), we're about to finally receive a respite in the storm after all this time. A group of talented modders called Bloody Pitchfork Games have taken it upon themselves to release what they are calling the "Definitive Edition" of the title. Its aim is not just to include all the unreleased content (like missing kills, clothing packs, the Grendel map, and of course Uber Jason). They also intend to tackle and correct many of the bugs and issues Gun Media, Illfonic and Dark Tower were unable to successfully patch completely. Most will remember the infamous roof glitchers, which led us to do a video tutorial on how to counteract them by putting Jason on the roof  with a glitch of our own. Fortunately it was finally patched a bit later for good (or so we hope). However, there are still tons of other problems that still exist in the game today. This hopes to finally smooth all that out. Sorry console folks, no love for you. But anyone who owns the Steam version will be able to download the mod at release for free.

This build is available to anyone who purchased the base game on Steam. If you paid a third party for this build, you got scammed! - Definitive Team, Beta Build

Slash 'N Cast covered much of the new gameplay, maps and characters surrounding the Definitive Edition announcement, so be sure to subscribe to their channel!

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