Vanguard Adds Another Win to the Call of Duty Scorecard

Over 20 Maps Available at Launch

Call of Duty Vanguard launches today for all major consoles, ushering in yet another huge win for Activision and the CoD franchise overall.

While not the highest-scoring entry in the series history, Vanguard is certainly doing its part to pull its weight. Fans and critics alike are in agreement that this is another solid entry in the long-running series, with things like the campaign mode providing a classic cinematic feel being one of the highlights. While the single-player is all well and good, we all know the bread-and-butter here is the multiplayer modes. Warzone is still alive and kicking with a huge player base, but Vanguard provides a welcome respite for something a little different. Coming off a spooky season like Halloween is the perfect time to roll out a ton of zombie-killing fun, with the horrors of the Nazi regime of World War II as a backdrop. Couple that with great game-play balance, killer sounds and graphics, Vanguard is sure to be a hit this Christmas with big and little kids alike (we’re looking at you dad).

Be sure to look for more coverage on this and other games in our upcoming holiday guide as well!

World War II like you’ve never seen before. Available on all consoles November 5th.

MOST MAPS ON DAY ONE – Call of Duty®: Vanguard will launch with 20 maps from day 1. 16 maps cover core multiplayer experiences with four close quarters maps featured in Champion Hill. These maps will cover a diverse set of biomes across the Pacific, Western Front, Eastern Front and N. Africa.

MORE WAYS TO PLAY – Within Call of Duty®: Vanguard’s expansive multiplayer experience there are new modes and ways to play. Champion Hill is a multi-arena survival tournament, where tactics and strategy combine with quick action. Patrol is a new take on Hardpoint, with a moving objective travelling across the map. Work as a squad to own the roaming patrol point.

TACTICAL GAMEPLAY – Call of Duty®: Vanguard multiplayer is focused on second-to-second gameplay. Expect to discover new gunplay mechanics, reactive environments, greater weapon customization, blindfire, custom ballistics and more.

NEXT GEN TECHNOLOGY – Call of Duty®: Vanguard is powered by the next-generation engine introduced in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® and delivers breathtaking visual fidelity, a photo realistic world, lifelike characters, and optimized performance. Vanguard is the most advanced Call of Duty® experience ever, with cross play, cross progression, and cross gen support from launch.

BECOME THE ORIGINAL SPECIAL FORCES – Campaign is all about the birth of Special Forces. Multiplayer takes that story and continues the narrative throughout the launch and seasons of Call of Duty®: Vanguard. A global cast of characters from multiple walks of life make up new special operation task forces led by Capt Butcher.

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