We’re Giving Away NECA’s Ash, The Nun & Nosferatu Toony Terrors

This Is My Boom Stick

If you're looking for maximum sized terror in a minimum sized package, Toony Terrors is the absolute perfect (and some might say adorable) spooky solution.

Check out how you can get your hands on three FREE Toony Terror figures from NECA, featuring Ash from Evil Dead, The Nun and the classic Nosferatu! We'd like to thank NECA for sponsoring this video, as it was originally created as a giveaway for three lucky fans. The line has been hugely successful in recent years, featuring iconic horror/slasher franchises such as Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Re-Animator, The Shinning, Halloween and many more! Evil Dead, The Nun and Nosferatu (as a fun throwback to a golden age of horror) are perfect additions to the ever expanding line. So before running out to your local Target or Walmart to grab these up for your very own, don't forget to click that subscribe button on Sci-Fi 3D's YouTube channel before heading out the door. comes with a cool little rat accessory. If you're into that sort of thing. - Nosferatu Toony Terror Figure

About NECA (from their official website): The National Entertainment Collectibles Association(NECA) is one of the leading manufacturers for licensed merchandise. Since the inception of its toy division in 2002, NECA became synonymous with the horror genre, releasing some of the most sought after collectibles for slasher icons such as Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger, while shining a light on niche characters like Sam from Trick r Treat. In the years since, NECA has also become a staple collectible manufacturer for the Alien & Predator franchises, and more recently, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Working with the most talented artists that have a passion for film, TV, music, and video games, NECA strives to provide highly detailed and innovative collectibles at an affordable price. With over two decades of experience in the toy industry and a wide selection of licensed merchandise, NECA presents something for every interest. In possession of 50+ licenses, NECA has produced thousands of products, offering retailers and distributors worldwide a variety of beloved pop culture characters in the form of 7” scale action figures, prop replicas, and everything in-between.

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