Want the Most Twisted, Geeky Fantasies? Dimension 20 Has ‘Ya Covered!

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Want the Most Twisted, Geeky Fantasies? Dimension 20 Has ‘Ya Covered!

Who Knew Watching People Play D'nD Could Be So Amazing?

We here at Sci-Fi 3D know that these days there are almost too many streaming services to choose from. Getting all of them is out of the equation for most people, so we must narrow our options to the ones that speak to who we are as fans of nerd culture.

That’s not as easy as it sounds. Sure, there are streaming sites for horror and anime, but what about a streaming service made for geeks by geeks? Well, look no further than the streaming site Dropout. This streaming service offers a plethora of nerdy media to consume, the most impressive of these being Dimension 20.

Dimension 20 provides viewers with various custom live action Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Now don’t misunderstand, this isn't a fantasy setting with people in costumes fighting dragons with CGI swords. No, it is simply people sitting at a table playing Dungeons and Dragons. And it is glorious.

Dimension 20 gives the viewer a campaign that they could only access in their wildest dreams. From Game of Thrones set in Candy Land to a twisted version of the Grimm's Brother’s Fairytales, this show has something for everyone.

This is in large part thanks to Dungeon Master Brennan Lee Mulligan (Strong Female Protagonist). Brennan Lee Mulligan is the executive producer, writer, and Game Master of Dimension 20.

The comedy is a highlight of the Dimension 20 experience, but it is far from all it has to offer. - Collider.com

Alongside him is an ever-revolving cast with some familiar faces. We get to see the amazing improv work from Emily Axford (Adam Ruins Everything), Ally Beardsley (The Disruptors), Brian Kevin Patrick Murphy (Hot Date), Siobhan Thompson (Rick and Morty), Lou Wilson (The King of Staten Island), and Zac Oyama (Bad Internet).

Dimension 20 has some pretty stiff competition when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons live. Critical Role has gotten almost household name levels of recognition since the COVID lockdowns. Where Dimension 20 separates itself from the pack is its focus on fun and storytelling over the mechanical aspects of Dungeons and Dragons.

Now, Dropout TV isn't a Dungeons and Dragons specific streaming site. No, it is a streaming service designed for people who love to nerd out. A great example of this is the game show Um, Actually. This game show is about correcting others about cryptic knowledge from all corners of geek fandom. Something that I am quite fond of doing to my friends.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about a show that changes each week and forces contestants to learn new rules on the fly? Game Changer does exactly that. Each week the contestants walk onto set having no idea the game in which they are taking part in. Could they be playing truth or dare with an omniscient robot, or matching various animal noises? Nobody knows, and that’s what makes it awesome.

What if you are looking for something a little more highbrow? Well then check out The Rank Room. In this show Host and philosopher Katie Marovitch asks her guests deep philosophical questions such as “What is the sexiest way to die?”

For all of those out there who struggle with student debt, Total Forgiveness may appeal to you. The premise of this show is two people who are buried in student loan debt competing in grueling challenges to show just what they are willing to do to make that debt go away.

All of these shows, and many others, are brought to us in house by what was once College Humor. For those that may be unaware, College Humor has been on YouTube since around the time YouTube was invented. They have since been regarded as one of the godfathers of internet comedy.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, then head over to Dropout TV’s site and sign up for their free three-day trial. Worst case scenario you end up canceling. But in the best case scenario, you have hundreds of hours of Dungeons and Dragons live content to binge. I’d say it is worth a sign up.

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