Gun Interactive New Game Revealed as Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Coming to Next-Gen Consoles and PC

Gun Interactive (formerly Gun Media) just revealed at this year’s video game awards that its much anticipated upcoming title is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Kane Hodder, legendary Friday the 13th actor and stunt man is already attached to reprise his motion capture duties.

After the huge success of the Friday the 13th: The Game on PC and consoles, many speculated what the next installment would be. The timing would appear to be perfect for another horror franchise to join the multiplayer ranks, as TCM is also getting a revival on popular streaming platform Netflix as well.

“It’s no secret that the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is probably my favorite horror film ever created,” said said Ronnie Hobbs, creative director at Gun Interactive in Lexington, Kentucky, in a statement. “Having the chance to really dive into the world of this IP with the team from Gun and working with Sumo to bring this vision to life has been almost surreal. I can’t wait for everyone to see more of what we’re doing.” – via GamesBeat

About Gun Interactive:

Gun unifies that vision and makes sure that it is communicated and clearly understood by all teams working on the game and rises above the noise to generate measurable interest. We direct development so that everything about the title speaks to that vision, and we make sure to deliver it to our players. It’s not enough to make a game that people want to play. We interact with our communities on numerous platforms to build and strengthen relationships with our players and build lasting ambassador relationships with loyal fans. Sometimes we find a game being made by a smaller team with an amazing idea that they are attempting to bring to market. Maybe they need advice on design, sound, UX, marketing, PR, or Community. We can help these teams bring their projects to current hardware platforms.

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