Now You Can Nuke Your Home with the Nuclear Explosion Bomb Diorama

Not Nuking the Fridge, But Close Enough

Some things are the bomb, but this is just ridiculous (and also kinda accurate)!

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that sometimes, you have to just blow something up to feel good. But if you’d like the same effect (without the insurance paperwork and Homeland Security kicking down your door), check out this hyper-realistic nuke lamp by artist evilincEU. I came across this incredibly detailed piece on their Etsy store, and was blown away (I’d say no pun intended…but that’s a lie). Using a combination of metal, wire, rods and sheer artistry (among other things), they’ve created something that looks incredibly life-like and amazing. So regardless if you are a Nuketown junkie, Fallout fanboy or really dig that scene in T2 where Sarah Connor gets a real bad sunburn, you’ll love this piece. Be sure to read below and on their Etsy store for details regarding future orders (as I believe they may be out of stock and only doing customs at present).

I wanted something in my home office to always remind me of how crazy 2020 is and has been, and nothing commemorates This year like a nuclear explosion. – Andrew, Etsy Customer

Notes from the artist via his original Esty store: The original first version (V.1), fully handmade and most time consuming model – Made of metal wire, rods, rims, wooden base, syntetic and real cotton – Airbrush painted in full color – The lighting area is the entire length of the model – All activities are done by hand (cutting, drilling a wooden base, cutting and forming a metal mesh, cutting rods, joining, painting) – A/C powered with included filament LED light bulb (220/240V) and samsung LED modules – To run with 110V need small EU->USA adapter (voltage converter), cost 6-10$ on ebay or replace the filament bulb to the 110V – lights are replaceable in the event of failure! It is not a disposable product. – 2 meters cable cord – Unique decoration and design. About 30cm top diameter and 35cm height with wooden base 30×30 – Geiger-Muller radiation tube attached to the board – Model is coated with glow in the dark (luminous) powder (which simulates radioactivity – check my videos) – Custom inscription available for free! e.g. “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds – J.Robert Oppenheimer” “2020 was a bomb” “in memory of … ” ” for my … ” and any other type Remember that this is a handcrafted item – models made may vary (will never be the same as in the picture)! Shades of colors may differ from those displayed on your computer! I took photos in three lighting conditions (see galleries) but each monitor and camera processes the image differently.

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