Looking Back at the Best COVID Jason Masks Ever Made

Signed by Legendary Special Effects/Make-Up Artist Tom Savini

If we’re all going to die due to the Delta variant of COVID-19, we might as well look like a killer on our way out.

While we seemed to have finally pulled through to the light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic of 2020, the Delta variant dropped by to remind us that, just like most horror movies, the villain is never truly dead. As Randy from Scream taught us, the killer always pops up for one final scare. So with mask mandates returning and the possibility of future lockdowns coming our way, we thought it would be fun to reminisce on one of the most awesome rays of sunshine to come out of last year’s dumpster fire. Namely some of the coolest COVID Jason masks found anywhere online. After first seeing them featured by Halloweenfiendpdx on YouTube, Jason Baker of CALLOSUM STUDIOS proved that artists can flourish in a pandemic, even if they have to shift gears and turn a negative into a positive temporarily. Also, the coolest part was that his line of masks were singed (for a limited run) by legendary special effects/make-up artist Tom Savini. And while the signed versions may no longer be available for what 2021 might bring regarding the Delta variant, you can still check out a huge line of awesome masks right here on their store front. Be sure to touch base with them before ordering, regarding things like filters and how to fully protect yourself from future COVID infections (or at least, until it mutates again and we’re stuck in a Walking Dead situation). In which case, masks (and skin) are optional.

…this mask is pretty f#$king good looking. Go grab yourself one – Halloweenfiendpdx

Check out Halloweenfiendpdx’s original COVID-19 hockey mask video below, and be sure to subscribe to his channel.

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