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KRSK-3 Kerensky Mech
Me and some friends are working on a sci-fi universe, for fun. It will be set around 2090, and its main influences are cyberpunk stuff, Deus Ex, Ghost in the Shell, Battletech, Blade Runner, and similar stuff.

  1. Joćo Costa (Masakari) (Author)
Update 1

Click for larger image
So, I am working on the KRSK-3 Kerensky, a recon/raider Mech, from the great concept by my friend Alex "flyingdebris" Iglesias. He was even cooler, and also supplied me with some ortho views, for easier modelling.

Here is the main torso, and the crotch area.

Update 2

Click for larger image
I thought it was best to do "see-through" wires because on the round parts the mesh is so thick you couldnt see anything in a regular, solid wire view.

The upper leg is also mostly done.

Polycount so far is 401.029, triangulated. As a side note, you may notice the more "flat" bits of geometry are much less dense, the rounder parts have a thick mesh, that is because i will also need this mesh for normal map generation, thus i want it as smooth as possible. Turbosmooth is your friend!
Update 3

Click for larger image
Since one of our inspirations for this project is Battletech, this Mech is named after Aleksandr Kerensky, in homage. We thought about that, and it was decided that would counter-balance the munchiness of the Mech, giving Battle Armored Infantry some chance to do some damage. Still, the Mech is insulated against low-level ECM attacks, only something big would affect it.

More stuff, the leg is done, had to think about those joints a lot, specially the whole foot area, but i think it turned out ok, while trying to follow the concept as close as possible. I love the fact that it has 4 digits, contrary to most Mechs, who only have 3.

One doubt I have been having - should i skin this, and then rig it, or the other way around? I ask because i am not that experienced in rigs, in fact, it will only be my second one, ever.
Update 4

Click for larger image
So here is the update - in the first image (WIP09) i tweaked some general stuff, and added a few minor details, the most visible being the radar / sensor thingy at the top of the mech. I also present the back of the Mech, since i hadn't so far.
Update 5

Click for larger image
In WIP10 it is the right arm of the Mech, which consists of a Medium Missile System, a 3-shot system with 9 missiles stored in the launcher. The MMS can carry CKEM-3, Flex II or Hellfire IV missiles, providing a good mix of anti-air or anti-ground, according to mission specifications. As you may or may not know, our fictional setting takes place around 2090, the CKEM is a compact kinetic energy missile currently in R&D phase in the US army, thus we used it for our universe, and improved it a bit, making it third generation. The Flex is a new type we created from current R&D intel behind the Joint Common Missile (JCM for short), a project by several UN nations.

Finally, the Hellfire IV is our iteration of the popular current day missile, adapted to serve a ground-to-air profile, as well as heat-seeking performance.
Update 6

Click for larger image
Finally (and you're probably sleeping already lol) in WIP11 you have the 25mm Gatling Cannon, with 2600 rounds in the "canister", mounted on the tip of the torso, in a turret structure, for maximum firing angle.
Update 7

Click for larger image
Now its off to start the UV mapping and texturing!
Update 8

Click for larger image
Basically final model, at 1.508.492 polys, triangulated.
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