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WIP: Star Wars > Environment > Coruscant

Coruscant Spaceport
Spaceport on Coruscant where Padme and Anakin take off back to Naboo.

CGtalk thread

  1. Mayer Matthias ([HB]Pride) (Author)
  2. Tobias Schmidt (Zorbi) (Texturing and Lighting)
  3. Jas Hodge (Binkerman) (Modelling extra buildings)
Update 1
First test render.
Update 2
More details added. A few staff members have been trying to help with advice but references are scant. I don't think they'll ever make an Insider's cd-rom for EP2.
Update 3
Sorry if you can't tell the differences in detail between each pic.
Update 4
Now it's time for texturing.
Update 5
Zorbi liked the model so much he decided to step in and texture it. This is a test using VRAY instead of Brazil.. and textures from the LUCASARTS game Jedi Knight 2. We'll find the name of the actual author of the texture and credit him or her. Zorbi feels with tweaking VRAY can look just as good with a fraction of the render time.
Update 6
Here's the final render with a pass thru COMBUSTION.
Update 7
First building by Simon. This is the main one behind the spaceport. The rest kinda blur out so we'll have to make up some stuff.
Update 8
This is the first building by (Twist)Viper, Jas Hodge, who has come on-board to join us on this project.
Update 9
Second building by Jas. We're still working on deciding exactly how much detail will go into these. These buildings are being made for this shot so we're not interested in detailing them up if it won't be seen.
Update 10
Composition test with Simon's building. Zorbi changed the lighting a bit too. Visit the FORUM thread link above for an update on Jas' BLDG.2 also.

Here's a high-rez of the new comp test:

Comp. Test

Visit the CGtalk thread link above for the lastest updates and discussion. Only major updates will be posted here.
Update 11
Another building by Jas. Here's his comments:

"This is Building No.4 ... though its not directly related to the closest buildings of the Space Port, .... I thought this one might be useful as a fill-in Building for gaps somewhere, .... Im working on a building that you see a part of it in the Ref shot .... again will have to improvise to complete it .... but with keep the architecture consistant with surrounding buildings .."
Update 12
Another building by Jas. He's doing a great job picking out details from those blurry references.
Update 13
You'll never see it in this image but even the inside of the engines are detailed and he's still not done yet. Visit the forum links above for full images.
Update 14
Lighting composite test by Zorbi. MAX 5, Vray renderer. Visit the CGtalk thread for FULL-size renders.
Update 15
Bldg. 6
Update 16
Bldg. 7
Update 17
Test composite. Includes all the buildings, and crates all over the spaceport. Next is bldg. final placement and traffic.

Don't forget the FORUM THREAD links at the top include full-size renders.
Update 18
Jas has decided to redo Bldg.#1 with better references.
Update 19
Bldg.#1 completely redone by JAS and replacing Simon's. Bldg.#1 reworked a bit too. Traffic and transports added. Visit one of the forum links at the top for FULL-size images.
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