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WIP: Star Wars > Characters

Dwarf Spider Droid
[TwistViper] was getting tired of the Spaceport and wanted to do something new and this was it. It's turning out to be one of the best models I've seen. He's got every little piston rigged.

Visit SCIFI-MESHES forum or CGtalk forum for WIP thread and full-size images as usual.

  1. Jas Hodge (Binkerman) (Author)
Update 1
The model is being done for SciFi 3D as part of the Geonosis scenes for the Son of the Suns Project.

Started with the Foot & Lower Leg ....

This part isn't final as there are still things to improve on
Update 2
Numerous things still to do before completing this part ...
Update 3

Click for larger image
Mid-Section and Legs .... continuing to improve on these areas ...
Update 4

Click for larger image
Temp textures applied for testing. The model will be mapped properly for the final version ....
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