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WIP: Star Wars > Characters

Imperial Snow Trooper from Empire Strikes Back

  1. Steve Green (Original Model)
Update 1
This model is for a special "secret" project for SON OF THE SUNS. It involves some original never-before-seen "cannon" scenes. Steve modifed a Darth Vader model he had made.
Update 2
Untextured, but the bulk of the modeling is done - I'm trying to find some clearer pictures of the armour on the forearms and hands, then I'll start texturing.

I've noticed that there are 2 variations on the snowtrooper - according to the suitmaking site, there is a 'commander' who seems to have a cleaner uniform, there are markings on the side of the helmet, the shoulder pads are the other way up and the boots are more like moon boots.

The one I'm working on is the standard trooper, but I can do a commander variant easily enough
Update 3
I noticed that some shots have the troopers with pouches hanging from the belts, but the suit in the exhibition doesn't - I guess you can remove them if you want for this AT-AT shot, or have some with, some without.

I'm just trying to find a pic of the armour where the pack fits.
Update 4
Steve is right. There is a commander version. I don't think we'll do it tho. I think the regular guy looks better. Plus there really is no need for this other version. LOOKIN good from the back. If you look at the references I think the eyes here are too big. And the face mask is bigger and wraps around more, and is squared off at the bottom on the front part. Still gotta do more detailing around the eyes and on the hands and forearms too. This one is really close. Looking really good too. These guys are bad!!
Update 5
Some more texture work on dirt.
Update 6
Update 7
Now we're actually seeing some materials like leather and stuff on the parts. If you notice from image to image the helmet and mask have been slightly altered. The side flares on the helmet have been raised and the mask shortened. You have to do a side-by-side comparison with references to really see how much it needed to be changed and how BIG of a difference it made.
Update 8
Here the mask was pushed out to fit tightly with the helmet.
Update 9
Here the mask was shortened even more and the chest plate raised a bit. Now I think all that needs to be changed is those side flares on the helmet raised like an inch and fill out the mask again. Again improvements on the textures too. REALLY nice model.
Update 10
I figured I'd throw in one of the reference images we were using. The images in the middle are the model. The ones on the left and rights are references. As you can see the eyes were too big in the middle top, and the edging around the eyes too big and low. Then in the middle the mask was too big and the side flares too low. In the bottom middle the mask raised a bit but not filled out to the edges of those helmet side flares that were raised a bit. I think we got it 99% now.
Update 11
Here's the blaster. It's done and has really nice metal texutures.
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