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WIP: Star Wars > Characters

This model is sparking the interest of the big guns - Decipher may buy this mesh!

  1. Matt Clark (Original Model)
Update 1
Working from memory more than anything I sculpt a general mass for Watto with Clay studio. To get to this stage took approx 3 hours. Now I reckon I can work 2 to 3 times faster than this.
Update 2
Worked on refining the pose, added hands. Shaped feet in prep for webbing. Put in some simple eyes to help visualise head shape.
Update 3
Started to actually look more closely at Watto source material, and work on shaping his head. Added neck folds.
Update 4
Refined some more details - webbed feet, worked a little on the eyes, rough sketch for his jacket.
Update 5
Totally reworked head cos I was sick of him looking a bit too much like Gonzo. :0) Feet webbing and jacket are hidden as they are superfluos at this stage.
Update 6
A glimpse into the workings of the methods I use. This are the Clay Studio primitives underlying the mesh. Each primitive has an influence field. What this means is that these primitives can melt into one and other, making organic modelling a breeze.
Update 7
The mesh produced by the Clay Primitives in the previous picture. Still refining general shape, getting as many different source pictures of Watto as I can, showing all possible angles and trying to match my proportions up. The arms are attached to the side of the body where they most certainly should not be, this is a side effect of my modelling methods within Clay Studio, and it means its time to move them.
Update 8
Placing the arms out streched solves 2 problems, they are no longer being absorbed into the body, and it also makes it a damn site easier to assign a Character Ctudio Biped in preparation for animation.
Update 9
A texture test for the head, using side on planar mapping. I chose this mapping as I knew that any stretching along the front on the face would be largely unnoticeable due to the 'trunk' creases. Also did a test using Shag:Fur to make some stubble.
Update 10
Worked on some new textures for both the face and body and applied Biped to pose the figure. Eagle eyes will notice the stray vertices causing deformations at the back of the neck and poor mapping which leaves Watto with a black skull cap. Spent time animating the model at this stage, with morph targets for the face and CS for the hand gestures.
Update 11
After a long break from the model I went back and could see all the things I was doing wrong. I spent much more time doing things carefully this time, made some hi-res maps for the face and cylindrically mapped them on the head for minimal distortion. Also spent more time lighting the model.
Update 12
Part of a Watto pose-pack of several images.
Update 13
UPDATE: This model may or may not be bought by Decipher. More on this situation as we find out more.
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