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WIP: Star Wars > Characters

Queen Amidala

  1. Topa (Original Model)
  2. Matt Clark (Head Mesh)
  3. Darren Robert Foster (Alternate Version & Handmaiden)
Update 1
This is his first test of the face model and the maps. I think he got this face from a mesh that came with MAX.
Update 2
One on the left is the SWMA version. I like TOPA's much better. When I check the references the dress does have a thick lumpy fur like look to it. So this is much more accurate. The textures on the dress in general are much better.
Update 3
The side profile is not too bad.
Update 4
The front view shows some slight inaccuracies and the illusion is lost. It's tuff recreating a well-known face. The eye catches any discrepancies very easily. Now Matt Clark has expressed some interest in doing the face for us. In the end it'll be sharp.
Update 5
This is Matt Clark's version that needs a litle tweeking. It's closer. With a tweak here and there it could work well.
Update 6
Throw a 3rd person into the fray of things....Darren Robert Foster. Check out his WEBSITE to see his version of the Queen and Handmaidens, among other things. I don't know if he's gonna work with Topa on the Queen, but he has submitted the handmaiden model. I think we might update it, and at least release it with the Queen when it's done.
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