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WIP: Star Wars > Characters

The villainous pod racer.

  1. Matt Clark (Original Model)
Update 1
Update 2
Update 3
A new member and author of this 32MB monster version in MAX Les Garner. This image actually made Matt think about dropping this production. Then he felt it could be optimized much better. It's not perfect but this is a tremendous first effort for Les who is new to 3D. Visit his website at I don't know if this is ready to be animated tho. I assume by the size Les needs to learn a little more about optimization and preparing a model for animation. In either case it'll probably be included on the site, not for the faint of heart tho. This will be the largest model we carry so far.
Update 4
This is Matt's new attempt from scratch. Compared to his previous effort he did this in 1/10 the time. His modelling skills have improved at an accelerated rate yes.
Update 5
I've posed him for ease of texturing/refining/Character Studio.
Update 6
Little more work all over, especially the arms.
Update 7
Now we're starting to see textures. Matt has definitely climbed some sorta new plateau. His skills have quadrupled. I think it's time for him to learn new more powerful modellers like SoftImage.

Textures are preliminary and skin deformations are still being worked out.
Update 8
Apparently Matt saw my comments in the other Sebulba page by Valtteri & Hannu. And he has taken it as a challenge. I love to instigate. I'm like the coach around here. I trick these guys into getting motivated. : >
Update 9
UPDATE: This one may or may not be bought by DECIPHER I have no word yet. Matt has a farm of characters on his page but we've never gotten word on their possible use. Check his site out for more info.
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