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WIP: Star Wars > Characters

R2-D2 (SW Complete Visual Dictonary)
Mike has been working on this model off and on for awhile constantly modifying it. He has got so much attention from it that Lucasfilm has commissioned it for use in the upcoming Visual Dictionary instead of the actual physical model itself. On a trip out to Skywalker Ranch Mike found out that people has his image on their desktop including Don Bies.

Software used: MAYA, Maxwell Renderer, Rhino.

Check out his R2 page on his WEBSITE.

  1. Mike Verta (Author)
Update 1

Click for larger image
This is a slightly modified version of the R2 I did for the Star Wars Complete Visual Dictionary.

I will, there are just a few more things I want to do.. a couple more scratches and dust here and there... I've gotten a hold of the ior data for the dichroic plastic lens, so I'll be putting that in... you know, WIP stuff
Update 2

Click for larger image
Lucasfilm saw the previous version I had online, hired me on that basis, and were happy to use that one, but I asked to be allowed to improve it; they agreed. So I went to the archives at the Ranch and spent a couple of days taking reference photos, measurements, etc. In addition to the external body, I also did a number of internal components, arms, lenses, etc.

The man I worked with, Don Bies (ILM modelmaker, R2 wrangler and former custodian of the archives) actually had my old R2 as his desktop wallpaper for about a year before we even met - so it just goes to show you, you never know who's watching

And yes, it was rendered in Maxwell. It was rendered at 6k resolution in 8 hours.
Update 3

Click for larger image
We unpacked 3 R2's from their crates (including that famous crate with the travel dates on it, the one from the original Tunisia shoot) and were going to take photos of them, right there in the main archive room, with everything from Star Wars to Raiders to... well, everything, right in the background, but then Don got nervous about that, so we had to wheel them just outside the roll-up door and photograph them there. At the time, I was so utterly in shock from just having put on the original Vader mask that I wasn't going to put up a fight...

Here, just to rub it in:

(If you look closely, the one on my left is the one I took most of the textures from...)
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