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WIP: Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Republic

Republic Shuttle
Republic Shuttle from EPI. Very hard to find references on.

  1. Marc Anthony (Author)
Update 1
Really kool model. Somebody was doing this last year but I don't remember who and they never sent anything on it so it belongs to Marc for now. It's hard to find reference on this sucker too.
Update 2
I'm continuing to add details to the section between the main engines and fusalage. I expect to move to the engine details soon and I still have to "make up" some details from various sources of SW Lit, for other areas. I'm using other Corellian craft to draw inspiration from, so any added details will still look like they are "StarWars".
Update 3
Bottom Detail
Update 4
Engine Detail
Update 5
I pretty much had to scrap most of what I had due to inaccuracies. Thanks to Andrew for references. The engines have been rebuilt and I added a lot of little details to
everything. I'm still making minor adjustments to it.
Update 6
I took some license with the rear of the ship, I added some auxillary engines and a docking tube (it is on the reference, but I doubt that's what it is :-) ), I think I'm finished there, but I may add some small details, depending on file size. I think it fits in well with the craft's design.
Update 7
The "motor/shield generator" had to be reworked quite a bit, but it is very close to my reference I have. I may just leave it alone due to file size constraints. I also rebuilt the side details, they are very close to the reference, I "mirrored" the details for both sides. I still have a bit to add, but I'm trying to figure out where the details should go.

I'm designing the rest of the front underside (near the Salon Pod) and expect to have lots of detail added there too. I'm thinking about adding some landing gear, but those will have to be designed, since my reference is very unclear on the details of them. I can say I'm about 75% done with this, I hope to have it finished by the end of May, if AOTC doesn't mess up my schedule. :-D
Update 8
It's been awhile, but I rebuilt the Starshuttle in Max. I used my Strata model as a "tracing image" and everything is now native to Max, NO Strata files at all.
I got pretty frustrated with it, but I think it should make things easier for everyone. I do know that it will import into Electric Image, Cinema 4D and Strata with a small amount of parts shifting because I tested it out at work.

The Max file is about 16 MB and the .3DS version is about 12 MB with the landing gear on it. I was going to build a ramp, but I want to get this think finished so I won't.
I am enclosing a lot of renders from the .3DS version, the Max file still doesn't want to render, but since the .3DS file is smaller I have been using that one anyway and that's the best one to post.

I kept the details of the Max and Strata version the same, but I did embellish here and there. Since this thing has taken so much time, I didn't attempt to learn any fancy stuff or look for plug-ins (I don't really know what would help anyway), I'm sure you guys can probably get it much smaller since you know what you are doing and I don't. :-D
Update 9
I going to add some small bits to the hull, but I'm relying on maps for everything else.

Speaking of which, my Max book doesn't deal with mapping much at all. I need to know the basic procedure of mapping such a complex model in Max, I can make the maps in Photoshop, I just need to know how do I unwrap the mesh and that kind of thing specifically for Max, something pretty step-by step. Any links to some tutorials would help, many of the Max sites that Sci-Fi 3D links to aren't active or don't give the info I'm looking for & the sites I have found on my own suck. If you know of a great texture artist for Max that would like to give me a hand then that would be better! I have good reference for maps, so I can do everything on my end, I just need a bit of a guide to get started.
Update 10
I rebuilt the landing gear.

When I get this textured, I'll send in the Max file with the textures. I figure the textures could be added to the .3DS file for re-mapping by the downloaders.

If anyone from Sci-Fi 3D has time, I'd love for an experienced modeler to check this out and offer me any advice. I'm SURE this thing could have been built more economically.
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