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WIP: Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Republic

V-wing starfighter
EP3 precursor to the ETA-3 Jedi Starfighter.

  1. DOUGX (Author)
Update 1

Click for larger image
Hey guys just alittle project i'm working on in my spare time not 100% accurate but good enough considering the scant ref images all ive got is the rots cross section book so all the bottom and back i'm making up at
the moment anyway on with the pics:
Update 2

Click for larger image
If any one could grab me screen shot of v-wing battle front2 would be great as there is no ref of the bottom at all
Update 3

Click for larger image
I'm using lightwave 8 with fprime. just a few small updates have shrunk down the gun mounts and made the body less wide also made the bottom wings longer as in the small ref pics i've been able to find.
Update 4

Click for larger image
Just a few close ups (for Brickhead )not so happy with the panel lines on the bottom i think they need to be thicker anyway heres some pics.
Update 5

Click for larger image
Update 6

Click for larger image
There actually should be a ring around the droids head its in the refs i have but i like the sockets better heres a pic of the vwing escorting the emperors shuttle which is is also a wip.
Update 7

Click for larger image
heres sum pics of the shuttle.
Update 8

Click for larger image
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