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WIP: Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Republic

Republic ARC-170 starfighter
Republic Aggressive Recon starfighter. One of the koolest EP3 craft. Precursor to the X-wing because of the S-foil wings.

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  1. xizor (Author)
Update 1

Click for larger image
Sidn't get as much done tonight as I was hoping got stucking with beveling edges and adding in panels which you can't even see in the render cuase there too small, oh well, make em bigger for the next.

I changed the engine nozzels to what seems to be in the drawings but I've noticed that every 3d model of this ship done thus far all have different engine nozzles.
Update 2

Click for larger image
Trying to keep an update to a 1-2day gap, worked on it a little more tonight, still have plenty of details to add, at the moment just making sure everything fits in.
Update 3

Click for larger image
Ok so whats updated?
Added some more details to the engine, still more to add, added some more panels and panel lines to the engine panels, wings and winglets, started on the medium laser cannon, still adding detail to that and everything else, hopefully will have that finished by the end of the week and start on the main body soon.... enjoy.
Update 4

Click for larger image
The cockpit section took a little longer than I imagined it would take, I still have to revisit the engine and wings there not done yet but I wanted to get a start on the cockpit so here is the update.
Update 5

Click for larger image
Modeled more of the fuselage, I've noticed in these renders the cockit and fuselage prolly need to be reduced in size by 10-15% but anyways I'll do that for the next update.
Update 6

Click for larger image
Modifications are done once again :-), still have to make the wings longer
Update 7

Click for larger image
NOTE:ENGINE and WINGS in this render are the old version, i.e the engine nozzle is smaller, and the wings and winglets are shorter, the new version which im re doing now the wings are longer and the engine nozzle is larger,

The cockpit has been reduced in size, the front section has been extended and I put in some minor details to the pilot section. Also roughed out the bottom piece where the 6 proton torpedoes are stored.

Fleshed out more stuff added more detail to cockpit blocked out copilot/forward gunner cockpit
block in back section for the tail gunner , still have to do the canopy and actual dorsal and ventral tail guns
all up i would say that this model is about 65% complete.

EDIT: notice the barrel for the dorsal tail gun is prolly just a little bit to small ill fix that now .
Update 8

Click for larger image
Some updates, added more details to the engine, filled in a few gaps blocked out gunner back section.
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