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X Wing (Snub Fighter) 4
Visit his website for more info on this ultra realistic project. The guy is a perfectionist. NOTE: One of the things he asks for is if anybody wants to help texture a different version of it. This is NOT an opportunity for all you "me too's" to have him sending it to everybody all over the world. Only serious inquiries only please. Don't waste time that could be spent finishing it.

  1. Mister X (Original Model)
Update 1
The detail is excellent. I think it is better than any other version on the net.
Update 2
You can see it even better here. It's almost like a James Bassett model in that it doesn't need textures. I'd hate to see textures cover any of that detail up.
Update 3
And if that's not enough here is one of the nicest character models I've seen. This guy can do beautiful character meshes also. Incredible!!
Update 4
Now the textures and detailing are almost complete.
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