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Tantive IV Corridor
Really good recreation of the original set. Paul is also doing an excellent R2-D2 in this thread also. Also worth mentioning is the same model being done by Mike at Mike has been kind enough to offer advice. Mike's at SCIFI-MESHES

  1. Paul Johnson (The Wiz) (Author)
Update 1

Click for larger image
Been havin a crack at the blockade runners infamous corridor. About 70% finished me thinks, just some final detailing and got to work on the lighting. Comments etc. welcomed... although the updates might be few and far between as get little time at the moment to work on it (as per usual) :P
Update 2

Click for larger image
Heres another quick update, extended the corridor, and now gettin into more detailing.
Update 3

Click for larger image
Ok, after looking at the great work Mike was doing (and cursing him :P) I torn mine apart and worked on the proporitions/shapings etc. so here it is after several hours of pulling and pushing and pulling of hair... now I'm off to get a beer then might do some more...
Update 4

Click for larger image
Well a quick update, nothing much to see, but a lot of tidy up etc. and time now to start adding detail in the walls and panels.
Update 5

Click for larger image
Ok been a while but here are a couple of update renders

Done some further detialing on the walls and played with the lighting.
Update 6

Click for larger image
Update 7

Click for larger image
Ok taking a brief break from the corridor and doing some more work on the R2 I did (prior to starting the corridor), been doing another pass on the dome materials and the lighting (thanks to Mike for posting his R2 and sharing his knowledge on scfi meshes, learned so much from studying his work - awesome stuff).

Might get back to the corridor next week, once i get a few Christmas parties out of the way
So another update soon hopefully.
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