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WIP: Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Rebellion

X-wing (toy)
Based on the toy for details. Excellent detail and textures.

  1. Emilio Lorenzo (tatoman) (Author)
Update 1

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i use edit poly ( 3d max 7) for mofdelling and i like model in high poly because y love details , now i am in the texturing phase, the most dificult was search for good references to get the best accuracy, but the textures include my personal style too. The model process take to me about 4 o 5 days, with the textures i will take more time for a perfect finish with a specular and bump map.
Update 2

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Update 3

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Update 4

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Update 5

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Update 6

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Update 7

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Update 8

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Update 9

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New update, all wings finished and the "nose". The body texture is out because was too small and i want to increase de resolution.

in the final model i 'll fix the wings texture to avoid looks like the same texture.
Update 10

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hi, another update.

in this time with complete body texture.left only the cock-pit and r2.
Update 11

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the final render of x wing. R2D2 original mesh by Dr. Harry Jones.
Update 12

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A final pic. I thought the cockpit was too blue. His reference shows it as blue but it's more washed out like the rest of the paint. So this is the adjusted version based on ref. I still think we can find him a better R2 unit than this old SWMA one.
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