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Phillipp Sauermann
Author Specs at a Glance
Home Page:

Phillipp is Producer, Director, CGI artist, and even involved in constructing sets for his project TYDIRIUM.

TYDIRIUM is a rarity in the fan film world. Phillipp has put together a crew full of professionals. They are implenting professional techniques with professional standards in the areas of: matte paintings, blue screening, CGI, practical effects, compositing, etc. Not to mention a really interesting story with good acting.

SCIFI 3D: I've been following your project TYDIRIUM
for a long time now. It's one of the best fan films out there. Other than being
a Producer/Director who has his hands in everything on this project including
the CGI tell us a bit more about yourself.

Phillipp Sauermann: The company (I worked for) with
the name Voodoolounge (Germany) closed this month. In this moment I work at
Scanline on an big German scifi cinema project.

Last Hope: Winner Sci-Fi Meshes Contest 2002

Tydirium: Matte Painting

SCIFI 3D: You guys are one of the first fan film outfits
to start using matte paintings. Today we see this more as fan films are staffed
with fully experienced crews. This image is one of my favorites and I wish I
had a bigger one to use as a background image but tell us a little about it.

Phillipp Sauermann: This is the landing scene from
the shuttle in the forest. We used a matte painting for the forest and a CGI

SCIFI 3D: Do you have professional animators on this

Phillipp Sauermann: Yes! I think all peoples on this
project are professional animators.

Official Star Trek Magazine: One of several special renderings of all the Enterprise vessels, done for the 'Enterprise' special of the official Star Trek magazine

Tydirium: Hangar

SCIFI 3D: Lets talk about the hangar shots. When I
first saw the hangar in the trailer I couldn't tell that it was entirely 100%
CGI, especially the characters.

Phillipp Sauermann: The hangar shot is full CGI! The
hangar shot is completely from me!

SCIFI 3D: Talk about the different elements in the shot (i.e. layer,
techniques, tools used).

Phillipp Sauermann: In the hangar shot walking 40 charakters. I create
all in 3D MAX. I render the shot in many layers: diffuse, specular, z channel.
reflections, and many many masks. The compositing we do it on Shake!

Soeldner - Secret Wars: Lightworks provided a large number of high res illustrations for this upcoming game, and are working on the stunning, action driven and fast paced intro

Tydirium: AT-ST

SCIFI 3D: The work in the AT-ST Endor shot looks like
there is an awful lot of good compositing work going on here. Just talk about
the mix of elements.

Phillipp Sauermann:
We have many layers for the walker shots: the real backplate,
the laser plate and for the walker: diffuse, specular, scratch, shadow and

ground shadow layer.

SCIFI 3D: Interview to be continued.........

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