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JJ Palomo (JJ)
Author Specs at a Glance
Home Page:

JJ has been helping us with SOTS for several months and he has come on big all over the net with Star Wars and original material.

Interview taken from the 3DM by Stryker at:

Visit here for the full interview taken on: 08 January 2003

Can you please introduce yourself?

JJ: Hi, my name is JJ and Iīm a 2d-3d artist from Spain.

Stryker: How did it all begin for you?

JJ: Well, it started when I was studying. I bought my first PC while
studying psychology. My interest for 3d started as soon as I could get the program.
I started wit 3d Studio 4. When I finished the graduate I noticed that I wouldlike
to work in the 3d universe. Iīve not studied art or some like that. I
allways like to draw but I never had time enought to attend art class. I started
buying books concerning 3D and spending most of time in testing all I was learning.

Stryker: How long you in CG?

JJ: Well, I started about 5 years ago.

Stryker: What are you working now? Tell a little bit about it.

JJ: Iīm working at Pyro Studios. Iīm currentlly the lead
artist of PRAETORIANS. Itīs an RTS game based on the romanīs empire
battles. Weīll finish the game soon. It has been a hard work. I heve been
in Praetorians since the begining of the project. Video game work is very different
to high quality artwork. I allways liked to work in such differents works. Video
game art work is a work full of rectrictions of varied kind. Number of polys,
texture size, animation speed or duration. Itīs a good job anyway. The
par I like most is the begining, just when youīve to define a esthetic.
Itīs a very varied work. I like it so.

Stryker: What kind of computer do you use?

JJ: I use a P4. Iīm planning get and new computer but...

Stryker: What are your primary 3D packages and why do you choose to
use them?

JJ: I allways use edit poly + meshsmooth for my models.
Iīve tried patch or nurmbs but no one let me control the results like
hand model do. You need a special atention to details and concret forms. I think
poly modelling is the right way.

Stryker: When you create any model from StarWars where you take blueprints
or you draw it them self? Describe process.

JJ: When I start a new model of this kind first I do is goin the web
and get all the info and pics that I can. As all you know, SW universe has tons
of stuff. Mosto of times thatīs not enought so I take a look for some
toys really well done. Iīm currentlly working for SciFi3D (
They provide me any kind of stuff that Iīm unnable to get by myself.

Stryker: What are your strongest talents in CG, and how do you perceive
this will change, if at all, in the future?

JJ: My strongest talents in CG right now are in modeling. I can model
anything inorganic with a high level of accuracy. I have spent a lot of time
recently developing my texturing and lighting skills. I am always working on
improving all my CG skills. In the future I would like to be able to sit down
and do anything my heart desires from animation, to organic modeling, to 3D
landscapes, etc, etc. I will always be learning and evolving my talents into
something better. An artist has to do that if he or she is to remain productive
and creative.

Stryker: Why these models from StarWars (yoda, vader and others)?

JJ: I always liked SW so when I thought what could I do I choose SW
stuff. Itīs a question of taste. I have to say that Iīm a bit bored.
Itīs true that I make this models because I like but itīs also true
that people donīt value this kind of job. People use to say "oh look,
another Boba Fett". It is not original work indeed. Itīs good alternate
with other kind of work. Many people make cars, planes, etc. I make real world
models in my Office hours so I consider It like a scape. Anyway I make any kind
of things like you can see in my website (cars, cartoons, real test...). I have
to say that Iīm a bit bored. Itīs true that I make this models because
I like but itīs also true that people donīt value this kind of job.
People use to say "oh look, another Boba Fett". It is not original
work indeed. Itīs good alternate with other kind of work.

Stryker: How long did it take you to model?

JJ: It depends of the model but usually It takes to me about one week.
I allways make time plans for making my models because I donīt want to
spend too much time in each model. You can get bored of a model if you donīt
finish it in the right time. It takes me about one week including mesh and texture.

Stryker: How did you get the realistic look?

JJ: I use all the means at my reach to get a good image. Iīve
been lighting and modeling for several years. As I said I think the GI engines
has come to riot the 3d work. A good combo of all these factors and hours of
work make it possible. Itīs a good think to stablish a goal (just like
a mental pic of the result). Donīt sleep till toy have got it :)

Stryker: Can you also recommend some good renders?

JJ: I started with FINAL RENDER. I think It Fianl RENDER has an intuitive
interface. Actually I use Brazil. I Think Brazil gives more quality but V-ray
get more speed. Since Iīm not the kind of person who render each detail
when itīs developed I preffer Brazil in spite of speed. I Know Arnold
will be available soon. Canīt wait to get it!

Stryker: Can you give away one of your secrets to success?

JJ: Ehh, perseverance and have a eye for the detail. This could mark
the difference. If youīre asking me for general matterslookaround till
you found some you think is great.Then specialize. No one can do all and do
it well.

Stryker: Question about your plans in the New 2003 Year, what you think?

JJ: By the momment I want to finish PAETORIANS. I,ll continue working
with all my projects. Iīll like spend more time this year in a short movie
called Dr Vela. Itīs a cartoon look project In wich an animator and me
are working on. Hope you can see some stuff soon!!

Stryker: Thank for talking and Merry Christmas! - Stryker

JJ: Thanks!

JJ's works at 3DM

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