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3D Resources
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3D ArtistsOne of the great CGI gallery sites.
3D Converter Tool OnlineJust what it says.
3DInsider.com3D Insider is all about giving you the tools and information to create whatever your heart desires with a 3D printer. If you are looking to make a full time career out of 3D printing or you are just looking for a new hobby, 3D Insider has it all for you. 3D printing has been growing at a tremendous pace and we love working in such a fast-paced industry. While 3D printing has been around since the 1980ís, its impact is only now starting to be perceptibly felt.
3Dtronics Free TexturesNice site with alot of good free textures.
3D-Tutorial.comTutorial site covering many different packages.
Andrews Star Wars SiteStar Wars BRYCE site with some SCIFI 3D conversions.
Autodesk AREANew 3D resource for the MAX/MAYA community but really a resource for all.
BlenderwarsLots of info on BLENDER, and conversions on many SCIFI 3D models.
CG TutorialsNew site by 3D Kingdom
CGtraderBuy/Sell 3D Models
Continuum Skies & ModelsFree 360 degree spherical maps (sky Domes) of skies and stars. And 360 degree environmental photos. Fully ANIMATED skies also.
Flay.comLightwave and general 3D information resource
George MezoriUr host
George Mezori FlickrFlickr
George Mezori on IMDBHey look. I made
George Mezori QuoraQuora discussions
George Mezori Quora ProfileQuora Profile
George Mezori WordPressTravel Blog
GeorgeMezoriur host
Gnomonology TutorialsFree files and tutorials.
GOOGLELook here if you are searching for tutorials, models, sounds, etc.
HDRI probe mirror imagesGreat free collection of HDRI images.
HighEnd 3DAnother news, gallery, forum site for high-end apps.
Movie Mesh SiteHandful of mostly low-rez models from various films.
RenderosityNews, tutorials, forums, etc.
SCIFI-MESHESGreat community resource and SCIFI 3D brother site.
Spectralogue Free TexturesFree texture resource
Star Trek AustraliaLarge depository of models and artwork for Star Trek.
Starship ModelerGreat place for references.
SWMA mirrorReal working mirror.
Site by Rogue Multimedia