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Star Trek - USS Allegiance re-entry
U.S.S. Allegiance attempts re-entry under fire.

AUTHOR NOTES: The Alleigance is a hybrid design in which I took the more attractive elements of the NCC-1701-D and NCC-1701-E and combined them. Rick Sternbach (Senior Illustrator of Star Trek for many years) is a friend of mine who offered some expert tips along the way including design parts and colors. He insisted on a number of points including component integration so something does not look thrown together. With that in mind, the design did not have too many "accessory components" such as extra pods, engines, heavy panelling etc.

I had to use 2 PCs simultaneously (one ran Max 5, the other Max 4) The Max 5 pc was used for all the vehicular rendering while the other for effects, smoke, flame, torpedo. The two parts were composited together after matching the lighting of each.

(Made awhile back in MAX 4 with particle effects using Ultrashock)

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