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Blade Runner

Blade Runner - SCIFI MUSEUM
This is for the SCIFI MUSEUM in Seattle.
Mark has his own studio Dreamin3D.
The project was produced by EffectDesign.

Here is a still shot from a 1.5 minute Blade Runner city shot where you look out a glass window onto the cityscape . You can see this exhibit at The Science Fiction and Hall of Fame in Seattle. It is one of 3 cities we did for the museum, others included Jetsons and Matrix. This project was a blast to work on and I was privileged to have a great team.

Executive Producer: Larry Gertz and Geoff Puckett

Art Direction: Scott Sinclair

VFX Supervisor/Producer: Mark Valentine

Shake Artist - Lead Digital Compositor: Chris Crowell

Lighting TD: Britnell Anderson

Particle Guru: Andy Murdock

Matte Painting/Combustion Artist: Mark Valentine, Britnell Anderson

Modelers: Matt Peterson, Britnell Anderson, Mark Valentine, Peter Jivkov, and Jordon Abeles.

Texture Artists: Britnell Anderson, Manuela Scalini, Andy Murdock, Mark Valentine

Motion Graphics: Peter Jivkov, Mark Valentine

Sound: Marco d'Ambrosio

  1. Mark Valentine (Author)
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