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SciFi Babes - Shalott
At the beginning I wanted to do a portrait of a young girl, who has a love-story-sorta background. But then i decide to put her in an environment where fits her story. Therefore,I remembered the oil painting of John William Waterhouse, my favorite artist master. Because I hope that my own female role is in such a beautiful picture,I changed the heroine and environment of the original painting. I was not attempting an exact pixel for pixel copy of the painting. I changed the lighting,perspective,tune and atmosphere in the original. I used a long time to finish it. I learned a lot of knowledges of traditional art,3d and 2d techniques from this process. Here is the brief introduction about the process of making this work: Foreground and character: I made the model of the brushwood in maya by hand, because only in this way could I control the scene and get satisfied with final effect. I modeled the character in Maya and Mudbox,textured in Bodypaint and Photoshop, Rendered by mental ray. Midground and woods: I made woods in Maya by plug-ins xfrog v4.0 and 2D texture plan. I must thanks for the xfrog, It can make enough details of 3D plants which can be used in Matte Painting. Background and waterfall: I used some digital photos for Matte Painting, including mountain,waterfall and trees. Special: I made basic hair in Maya by plug-ins JoeAlter.Shave,A.Haircut and Nurbs, then refined it in Photoshop. I rendered Water surface and inverted reflection in water by mental ray. And I used 3S shader for skin and candles. I have wetted and darked the blanket where is close to the water and added some color reflection on her clothes. Now the first peice is my second version. You can find more detail in 89#,90# you could know more about WaterHouse from this: WEBSITE

  1. Yang Zhang (Author)
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