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SciFi - Gates To Elysium
This is my benchmark painting for this year. That means it is something I invested a special amount of time into. I started with c4d and daz3d city blocks. I took them apart to isolate the models I was interested in, and used the cutted models to build me the structures you see in the pic. It was a lot of fun to take something apart to create something completely new with it. The final render was composed with vue and also rendered in different passes. Basically for each hero element I rendered a single picture. All in all it were surely 40/45hrs of render time. Photoshop kicked in to bring it all together. As well for enhancing and adding different effects. With help of painting and manipulation I tickeled the juice out of the renders i made. Intuos3 - Photoshop cs4 - Vue7 - 7hrs Preparation & Concept Phase - 40hrs Rendertime - 20hrs Postwork Specific Info & Video & Wallpaper Pack: Progress Viz:

  1. Christian Hecker (tigaer) (Author)
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