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Star Wars > Craft & Vessels > Imperial Navy

Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle 2 (Tydirium)
Fabio did this one completely from scratch. It has more detail, raytraced glass, more realisctic maps with a bit of a dirty feel to them. Great work. And he wants to update it?

3DS - Couple things. Cockpit glass rotated. A piece called GRID from under the cockpit moved. And it looks like maybe? the midsection is missing it's maps. But it looks good. It's easy to fix these things after you import it into your favorite app.

  1. Andy Andy (LW conversion)
  2. Fabio Allamandri (Original Model)
  3. George Mezori (ZOO) (Conversion)
  4. André Müller (muepper) (XSI conversion)
  1. 3DS (1.53Mb)
  2. MAX (1.51Mb)
  3. LW 5.x (1.36Mb)
  4. XSI (5.23Mb)
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