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R2 on Coruscant
Author Notes: The illustrations are totally 3D. Some elements like the background are 2d using MAX. I render each element separately so that I can modify them without having to render the whole scene again. Flares and glows done with MAX videopost. Finaly I make some color curve corrections with Photoshop. Works professionally, check June/July 2000 issue of SW INSIDER, while finishing up a BFA egree. I tried to imitate Ralph McQarrie´s style in this scene. When I did it back in 1998 only a few designs from Episode I had been revealed and I used all them in this illustration. The only element that is real is the cloaked guy, that is a picure of an extra from ANH SE. (Max 2.5)

Notes: This is from the TFN fan art section. We're still debating whether it is 3D or a painting. Whatever it is it's very very good. If it's a painting this guy could be a MATTE ARTISTS at ILM. Visit Jose's art section at the TFN FAN ART MUSEUM. His work is featured in THE INSIDER Star Wars magazine quite often.

  1. Javier Fernandez (Author)
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