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Star Wars > Animations

Another one of the best fan films ever made. Really good CGI and compositing work. Nearly every shot has a digital effect.

Visit TFN Fan Films to download the film.

SCIFI 3D artists who donated models that were used in this production:

Jas Hodge: Cougar Cargo Bay Interior

Arild Wiro: AT-ST
& Zorbi: Texturing

Thomas Ganshorn: ISD

Sean Kennedy: ISD Bridge

James Bassett: Tie Fighter

Dr.Jones: Cargo craft

Ian Foster: Vader's Meditation Chamber

Sebastian Hirsch: YT2400

Fabio Allamandri: Lambda Shuttle

Sean Kennedy: Corellian Corvette

Sean Kennedy: Nebulob-B Frigate

Alan Rivard: Bar Spacestation

Topa, Dan North, Rasto Dubek, Steve Green, Nico Weigland, Rick Grandy, ZOO, Fernando S de Luca, Richard Dyke, Staffan Norling, Bertrand Dejardin, Maxer, Francesco Navarro, Jose Pareja, Billy Bowers, and Eric Morodon.

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