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KnightQuest - Fan Film
Good fan film with excellent effects. I think over $40,000 was spent on this film and it was shot with 35mm film. It includes alot of good work in many disciplines: set building, practical effects, blue-screens, compositing, storyboarding, costuming, CGI, etc. Some of the best CGI sequences and effects of any fan film.

Visit TFN Fan Films to view the film.

Thanks to the following SCIFI 3D staff for participating in this project and making the THX Trailer for KnightQuest:

Rob Meyers
George "zoo" Mezori
Michael Hobson
Harry Chang
Justin Jacobs
Matt Allen
Matt Walton
Al Meerow
Don Showalter
Staffan Norling
Jim Bassett
Jose Gonzales Pareja
and Joe Monroe

  1. Joe Monroe (Director)
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